Calorie Killers

Calorie Killers

Body Combat

High intensity workout to kill calories

Body Step Level 3 – 5

A fantastic butt-blasting workout using a step platform. This workout challenges your heart & lungs whilst toning your legs and bum.

Body Attack Level 3 – 5

Attack the calories! This energetic aerobics based interval training class combines dynamic moves with exciting music leaving you gasping for more.

Body Combat Level 3 – 5

Release your inner frustrations in this martial arts based fitness class, punch, kick & scream your way to fitness whilst boosting your self confidence.

Spin Fit Level 2 – 4

A great lower body aerobic workout! Experience power cycling, hill climbs, speed drills & bumpy roads to dynamic & energetic music!

Circuits Level 3 – 5

A classic class based on interval training, aimed at improving muscle strength & endurance, as well as providing a great overall aerobic workout!

Cross Training Level 3 – 5

A circuit based class in the gym that combines resistance machines with high intensity aerobic moves. Not for the faint hearted!

Boxercise Level 3-5​

A circuit based class combining traditional boxing moves with speed & power.

Soccercise Level 3– 5

A circuit based class combining football training.

FT Fit level 3-5 

This form of training uses a range of muscles at the same time giving a more dynamic and varied workout. Guaranteed to work muscles you never knew you had!

G-Cycle Fit level 2-4

A great lower body aerobic workout!

Experience power cycling, hill climbs, speed drills and bumpy roads to dynamic and energetic music!

MetaFit level 3-5

A high energy workout that boosts metabolism and burns fat combining traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and tabata techniques!

INSANITY - Coming Soon!

Get ready to train Insane and dig deep. INSANITY flips traditional high intensity interval training on its head and brings you max interval training, where you will work flat out for 3 – 5 minute blocks. Keeping your body at its limits will get you fitter, faster.

Booking coming soon - watch this space . . .

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