Toning and Strength

Body Pump

Dramatically change your shape

Body Pump Level 2 – 4

Workout using weights to help increase your metabolism & improve your body shape.

Body Conditioning Level 2 – 3

Full body workout involving muscular strength & muscular endurance helping to shape & tone your muscles!

CX Worx Level 2-4

 A short sharp 30 minute low impact and low cardio workout to strengthen and tone your body.

LBT Level 2 – 4

Legs, Bums & Tums. Get to grips with those wobbly bits.

Core Stability Level 1 – 3

Concentrating on the abdominal, back & mid section of your body, you’ll discover muscles that you had long forgotten.

Stretch & Tone Level 2 – 3

Improve your flexibility, release tension & tone troublesome areas with this resistance class.

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