Toning and Strength

Toning and Strength

Body Pump

Dramatically change your shape

Body Pump Level 2 – 4

Workout using weights to help increase your metabolism & improve your body shape.

Body Conditioning Level 2 – 3

Full body workout involving muscular strength & muscular endurance helping to shape & tone your muscles!

CX Worx Level 2-4

 A short sharp 30 minute low impact and low cardio workout to strengthen and tone your body.

LBT Level 2 – 4

Legs, Bums & Tums. Get to grips with those wobbly bits.

Core Stability Level 1 – 3

Concentrating on the abdominal, back & mid section of your body, you’ll discover muscles that you had long forgotten.

Stretch & Tone Level 2 – 3

Improve your flexibility, release tension & tone troublesome areas with this resistance class.

Lift It

Lift It is the Olympic Weightlifting program that will let you Clean, Snatch, and Jerk your way to a stronger better body. Learn dynamic explosive lifts to improve your strength and physique. You will challenge and improve your body’s mobility and range of motion, helping to develop good posture and a strong core.

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