Unwind and Re-energise

Unwind and Re-energise

Unwind and Re-generise

Relax, increase flexibility & improve posture

Body Balance

A triangle of Yoga, Pilates & Tai Chi guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed & re-energised.

Aqua-natal Relaxation

Following the aqua-natal water class, this session is aimed at helping mums to be to de-stress, relax & unwind.

Pilates Level 2 – 3

An exciting & renowned method of body conditioning, aimed to strengthen postural & abdominal muscles. A great way to achieve the ultimate six pack. Attendees must complete the Pilates Beginners Course before booking regular pilates classes. For details of the next Pilates Beginners Course, please call 0141 287 8931. ​

Yoga Level 1 – 3

A stretch based exercise class derived from the ancient methods of the East. Guaranteed to improve flexibility & promote relaxation.

Tai Chi Level 1 – 3

An ancient martial art relaxation method promoting flexibility & well being.

Chi Ball Level 1 – 3

An energising workout combining the methods of Yoga & Tai Chi. The “Chi Ball” is covered in essential aromatherapy Oils designed to promote mind & body well being.

Deep Relaxation Level 1

Find your inner tranquillity with this relaxation class designed to leave you feeling de-stressed & at one with yourself.

Shape Up Courses

Lose weight & feel great. A healthy eating & physical activity programme designed to assist you in achieving your lifestyle goals. Ask reception for details.

Shape Up Level 2 – 3

These 10 week nutrition & exercise courses are designed to help you lose weight, feel great & look gorgeous!

Willpower & Grace

Go barefoot and plug in to positive energy for the mind and body from the ground up. It’s a whole new kind of class that boosts your cardio system, improves your flexibility and strengthens your whole body, truly awesome!

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