Calorie Burners

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Calorie Burners

Aerobics Class in action

Great workouts to help burn calories

Aerobics Level 3

Classic aerobic workout combining hi & low impact moves, a great way to improve your cardio vascular fitness as well as improving your co-ordination.

Salsacise/Dancefit Level 2-3

Dance-based fitness class combining Latin spirit with aerobic conditioning.

Body Vive Level 1 – 3

Low impact aerobics incorporating fun moves with body conditioning - ideal for beginners.

Body Jam Level 3

A fusion of dance that has an intoxicating mix of hip hop, funk & Latin music. You need to have a little rhythm for this one.

Sh’Bam Level 2-4 

A Simple fitness class with seriously hot dance moves! 45 mins of chart topping hits and energetic fun so grab your friends and get your groove on!

Postnatal Level 1 – 3

Postnatal is designed for women, six weeks after giving birth. It combines basic low impact aerobic with special Body Conditioning exercises.

Zumba Level 2-4

Ditch the workout, join the party! A fusion of latin rhythms and easy to follow moves.

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