Gorbals Bootcamps

Gorbals Bootcamps


Got what it takes for the Gorbals?

If you are a regular at Gorbals then you'll know there is a great Bootcamp at the centre. It normally takes place out on Glasgow Green. 

Our platoon, Gorbals Gunners are perfect for a bit of after work and weekend exercise. Check out what times they run and which one suits you.

Signing Up

Remember classes are now included in your Fitness Unlimited membership.
You can book online, or give us a call.

We are still running the assault course challenge so we'll need your help to make sure Gorbals win.
​Gorbals ​Days ​Times
​Gunners ​Tues & Thurs ​18.00
​Gunners ​Sat ​10.00
​Assault Course Challenge Sunday ​TBC
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