Gorbals Bootcamps


Got what it takes for the Gorbals?

If you are a regular at Gorbals then you'll know there is a great Bootcamp at the centre. It normally takes place out on Glasgow Green. 

Our platoon, Gorbals Gunners are perfect for a bit of after work and weekend exercise. Check out what times they run and which one suits you.

Signing Up

Remember you can now pay by Direct Debit (£29 a month) or by the session for just £5.60. Just pop into the centre to sign up. If you're not sure why not try a taster session. You can come down and try any session that suits you. Just give us a quick call to book up.

We are still running the assault course challenge so we'll need your help to make sure Gorbals win.
​Gorbals ​Days ​Times
​Gunners ​Tues & Thurs ​18.00
​Gunners ​Sat ​10.00
​Assault Course Challenge Sunday ​TBC
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