Milton Bootcamps


Glasgow Club Milton 204 Liddesdale Road, Glasgow G22 7QR
0141 276 1320

Milton Bootcamps

Bootcamp - Can you handle it?

If Milton Mavericks sound like your kind of platoon then sign up. They have regular sessions on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and you don't have to be the Terminator to join up. 

Signing Up

Remember you can now pay by Direct Debit (£29 a month) or by the session for just £5.60. Just pop into the centre to sign up. If you're not sure why not try a taster session. You can come down and try any session that suits you. Just give us a quick call to book up.


We are still running the assault course challenge so we'll need your help to make sure the Milton Mavericks win.
​Milton ​Days ​Times
​Mavericks ​Tues ​18.30
​Assault Course Challenge ​Sun ​TBC
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