Trainer Specialities

Trainer Specialities

Personal Trainers Specialities

What are you training for?

We know that people train for all manner of reasons and everyone has their own goals. Maybe you want to lose some weight; some people want to put some on. Perhaps you've challenged yourself to a 10k or you want to get fit for the new season. What ever it is our personal trainers have a range of specialisms that will ensure a tailored session and the very best results. Find out what you would like to focus on below. 

Weight Management 


Let our specialist trainers in nutrition and weight management analyse and establish the best method and workout for you and your body. Together we can make sure it happens. 

Strength and Conditioning

Looking to improve your strength and power, improve your body shape and lower your body fat level? Then this programme is for you. It is the ideal way for you to make changes and get the shape that you have always wanted.

Quick Fix

Do you need to get in shape in a hurry? Maybe for a holiday or a special event? Or you just want to get a quick result to kick start and improve your fitness, then you need a trainer who knows how.

Running/10k/Marathon Preparation

Training for a 10K, half marathon or just generally wanting to improve your running? Our trainers are able to develop a unique running programme which will provide you with a training schedule that fits into your lifestyle and time constraints.

Core and Abdominal Training

The abdominal wall has many different layers of muscles. We must work them all together to get the best results. There are many fun and effective abdominal exercises that will not only help you have a lean, toned and flat stomach but will improve posture and create a strong and healthy back. 

Sports Specific

A specially designed exercise programme that will maximise your sports performance and help you achieve new personal bests. The programme will be unique to you and your chosen sport and will help to lift your game and performance. 

Training Outdoors

Tired of gym workouts? Why not take it to the next level by tackling a fitness programme against the elements. Training outside in different environments places a greater demand on your body. The constant change of routine and environment is a sure way to achieve FAST results

Injury Rehabilitation

The best way to achieve results is to make sure the posture and function of the body are correct. Our Personal Trainers aim to find the problem and re-align the body to show it should perform through an exercise rehabilitation programme. Your trainer will also provide you with a selection of exercises specific to your needs that can help prevent problems re-occurring. 

Martial Arts

If you are looking for a blast on the pad, a sparring partner or a specially designed programme for boxing or circuit training then this is for you. Your Personal Trainer will provide you with a programme that will take your discipline further. 

Health Conditions

Conditions​ including high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions are often improved by following a carefully controlled work out programme. Your Personal Trainer can help you get active and achieve the best from life. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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