Power Plate Training
​​How Much Does It Cost?

​First session
20 minutes - £6.10 (including a Protrac token*)

Top Up Session
20 minutes - £3.30

Loyalty User Package
10 x 20 minute sessions plus 40 minutes free - £33
Get Results Package
A short course of three 20 minute sessions with an instructor who will design and tailor the workout to your specific needs. There are a whole host of different workouts, and this will help you find out which one suits you. Also ideal if you are new to Power Plate and want the guidance of a trained professional to lead you through the unique benefits of Power Plate. The course ends with a free 20 minute session so you can try the workout on your own - £18.55

 * A Protrac token is required to operate the equipment and is included in the cost of our first session. You can top up your token and workout as and when you like. The cost of token and any unused sessions are non-refundable

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