Power Plate

Power Plate

Power Plate ExpressThe latest fitness class using powerplate. Get fit and have it fit into your lifestyle.

So what is it?

Power plate is a vibrating platform that stimulates muscle responses up to 50 times a second. As the platform vibrates your muscles contract giving you a full body workout which can include a warm up, balance poses, strength exercises, core conditioning and a relaxing massage in as little as 20 minutes.

How does it help?

By using Power Plate as part of a healthy lifestyle it can improve muscle strength and tone, fitness, power, flexibility, balance, coordination and relaxation. It can also reduce the appearance of cellulite and body fat as well as encouraging weight loss.

What can i do on a Power Plate?

There are a number of different workouts you can try from the basic workout to bikini workout and even golf and ski workouts. 

Where can I use a Power Plate?

We have 6 different venues across the city that have Power Plates in their gym, which one is closest to you?
Glasgow Club Bellahouston
Glasgow Club Petershill
Glasgow Club Pollok
Glasgow Club Scotstoun
Glasgow Club Whitehill

And how much does it cost?

Power Plate now comes free as part of your Fitness Unlimited package (excluding classes).  
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