Power Plate workout options

Power Plate workout options

Power Plate Training

Workout Options

Starter Programme

Power Basic - Getting started couldn't be easier. Your trainer will guide you through the basic poses that promote muscle strength and improve flexibility providing you with confidence to go it alone.

General Programmes Intermediate/Advanced

Power Tone - Sculpt, tone and shape using various techniques that imporve and develop muscle strength and endurance.

Power Anti-Cellulite - Feel fantastic, look great and walk with confidence. This workout uses sports specific exercises to focus on cellulite prone areas.

Power Bikini - Hit the beach with a trim and toned appearance. this circuit training workout concentrates on troublesome areas. 

Power Abs - This workout focuses on balance and coordination, developing abdominal core muscles to help maintain good posture and a healthy back.

Power Cardio - Burn fat and tone your body with this blend of cardio and strength-trianing exercises. 

Power Circuit - Burn calories with this cardio based circuit workout. It combines Power Plate strength with cardiovascular aerobic intervals to keep the heart rate elevated and your workout efficient. 

Power Conditioning - A total body conditioning workout that is designed to show you how to vary your exercises to keep developing and improving muscle strength. 

Power Stretch Workouts - These workouts increase flexibility with techniques used by the worlds top athletes. This workout helps relieve muscle tension and leaves you feeling relaxed. 

Power Performance Workouts - These workouts are designed to train your body to move, jump, push and pull with more intensity and endurance. Focus on strengthening the core and developing the power and skills needed to perform in the game of life or sport using practical applications or performance and functional training. 

Sports Specific Programmes

Golf Workouts - Whether you're learning, instructing or playing golf you need stability, mobility, balance and strength as well as to be injury free. Power Plate training can condition your body to improve your performance and help you play the game of your life.

Ski Basic - Designed to get you prepared for the slopes. This workout provides basic conditioning for the core and legs to help reduce injury as well as improving stamina, strength, circulation and power. 
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