Glasgow Green Football Centre, Glasgow National Hockey Centre and the Commonwealth Games

Glasgow Green Football Centre and the Commonwealth Games
2014 promises to be a fantastic year for Glasgow as we get ready to host the Commonwealth Games. Since winning the bid in 2007 there has been a lot of work right across the city in preparation for the visit of some of the world’s finest athletes.  
The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has already been great news for the city.  There’s been around £200 million worth of investment in fitness facilities across the city, and Glasgow has played host to some amazing sporting events. This year, the city has a chance to shine on a global stage like never before.     

Following an investment of £5.5 million, Glasgow Green now boasts two state of the art Hockey pitches and a brand new stadium including a 500 seat stand which is the base for the Scottish Hockey Union. 

The Glasgow National Hockey Centre will be the venue for the hockey events at the Games. Glasgow Green Football Centre will be used as a training facility for the Games and, as such, we plan to make some changes to help you continue your healthy lifestyle with Glasgow Sport. The timeline below details the potential closures and then what it means for your activities. 

​Venue Area ​Closed to Customers Reopening to Customers​
​Football Centre ​29/06/14 ​13/08/14 - number of pitches remaining closed for refurbishment
​Hockey Centre ​29/06/14 ​13/08/14

What does this mean for me? 

Regular Lets

If you have a regular let with us; a game of fives, a regular 11 a side game then, a hockey club booking, as you know, we are making every effort to find you an alternative venue for the period of the Games. More news to follow in the New Year.

Children’s Sports Classes

Our children’s coaching programme is very important to us. For our football programme the second block of the year, the Spring block, will follow immediately on from the first block and so will finish 31st May. This should give your little athletes plenty of time to get excited about the Games. 

For the most up to date information keep checking

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