Exercise and Cancer

Physical activity is important for cancer patients at all stages of the cancer care pathway. The evidence is growing to support the role of keeping active before, during and after cancer treatment. Keeping active throughout the cancer journey can help improve physical and emotional well being. Regular physical activity may also reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.


CANmove is a free physical activity programme for anyone living with or beyond cancer. This 12 week programme which is fully funded by Macmillan Cancer Support has been designed specifically to assist people with a cancer diagnosis to stay or become more active.

CANmove classes are circuit based and take place in 8 sites across Glasgow. They last for 90 minutes and consist of a warm up; up to 30 minutes of basic exercises and a cool down.

There is also an opportunity during this time to discuss wider physical activity opportunities within Glasgow Life.


These classes are led by highly trained, approachable and friendly instructors who can adapt the sessions to accommodate any level of fitness or ability.  Furthermore they can offer guidance and advice on any concerns participants may have about their ability to exercise.

Instructors will offer all the support and information required to enable you to adopt and maintain a healthier more active lifestyle for the future.

Who can you join CANmove?

“The class is tailored to your needs and you don’t have to explain yourself, and that’s really important, because you don’t want to be explaining yourself all the time! You just want to be relaxed” (Class Participant)

Anyone with a cancer diagnosis can access CANmove. The programme has adopted a self referral process for participants and for professionals to signpost too. There are inclusion and exclusion criteria for safety purposes and participants will be required to complete a suitability questionnaire prior to taking part in any form of physical activity.

If you require further advice or assistance please call our CANmove co-ordinator on 0141-287-0241 who will be able to answer any queries you may have.      

“I enjoy the chat and the social side. The instructor is excellent. He makes it fun and varies the exercises” (Class Participant)


Recorded benefits of attending CANmove are:

  • Higher levels of fitness

  • Less fatigue / tiredness

  • Feeling more positive

  • A better quality of life

  • More active in their daily lives

  • Improvement in Flexibility

However if nothing else CANmove classes are a great way of maintaining a little bit of routine within your control, meet other people in similar circumstances, get active and have some fun.

​Venue Day​ Time​
​Springburn Monday​ 10.30am-12noon​
Palace of Art​ ​Tuesday ​10am-11.30am
​St Francis Centre (Gorbals) ​Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm​
​Little Egypt ​Wednesday ​10am-11.30am
​Drumchapel Pool ​Wednesday ​1pm-2.30pm
​Castlemilk ​Thursday ​10am-11.30am
​Easterhouse ​Friday ​12noon-1.30pm
​Kelvingrove Tennis Pavilion ​Saturday ​11am-12.30pm

If you are interested in attending CANmove please contact:

Macmillan CANmove Team

For more information click here​.

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