Tollcross Swimming Pools

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Tollcross Swimming Pools

Tollcross International Swimming Centre

As part of the £14m redevelopment of Tollcross International Swimming Centre we have added a second 50 metre pool to the venue. 

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​Tollcross Second Swimming Pool

But why would they add a second swimming pool I hear you ask? Well in the main it was to make sure that our customers had even more access to excellent swimming facilities. The majority of times now going forward we will be able to continue our lesson programme and casual swimming while we host events or training sessions in the other pool.  

​Main Swimming Pool 

The main swimming has an extra 1000 seats. This increased in Games mode giving space for 5000 spectators making for an electric atmosphere when Ross Murdoch powered his way through the pool to win gold. 

​Training Pool 

The new training pool is a 6 lane, 50m pool with a movable floor. This was used as the training, warm up and warm down pool during the Games and will be used on a day to day basis for our casual swimming sessions and our lesson programme.

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