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Gymnastics Development
Emirates Arena, 1000 London Road, Glasgow
0141 287 5948 / 4200

Kids Gymnastics

Play Gym


Our gymnastics programme is an ideal way for children from 18 months to 16 years old to get involved in gymnastics!




Our enthusiastic fully qualified coaches will ensure that your children have a great time learning all the different aspects of gymnastics whilst staying fit and healthy.


The programme has recently been modernised to focus more on skill development making it easier to track your child’s progress through the different levels. 

The next block of gymnastics takes place week beginning Sunday 10 January 2016 until Saturday 2 April 2016 (12 weeks) 

Public booking for these sessions opens week beginning Sunday 20 December 2015. Assessments for new bookings into the programme can be carried out at any of our gymnastics sessions please contact our gymnastics coordinator to arrange an assessment on 0141 287 5948.​


 Preschool Gymnastics



​An open-play class for grown ups and their little ones to play together in a gymnastics setting. For parents/guardians and children from crawling age to 5 years old.



These classes are for pre-school children between the ages of 18 months to 3 years and 3 years to 5 years. The classes are well structured and focus on key areas of Actions, Coordination, Balance and Education.


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Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational gymnastics sessions are suitable for children aged 5+.

The recreational gymnastics programme will now be skill based. Gymnasts attending the classes will have to achieve a pass at one level before moving on to the next. Each class has its own logo and when a child passes at one level and is ready to move to the next they will be able to purchase a badge and certificate to record their achievement.


Assessment days will be available for children who are new to the programme throughout school holidays and at the beginning of each new block. To arrange an assessment you should contact the Gymnastics team.


Beginner Levels


Stage 1 - Lions

This introduction will teach your child the basic skills required to progress in gymnastics.

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Stage 2 - Tigers


This class develops the basic skills gained during Lion classes and introduces apparatus.

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Intermediate Levels

Stage 3 - Leopard


Gymnasts develop their intermediate skills such as handstand and move onto more advanced apparatus.


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Stage 4 - Bobcat


Gymnasts begin to develop more technical skills.


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Advanced Levels

Stage 5 - Jaguar


Gymnasts work on developing skills they’ve learned from all previous classes and are able to begin participating in Floor and Vault competitions.


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