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How Much Does Pay as You Go Membership Cost?

There are two costs - the annual fee to keep your subscription active and the price you pay for each activity when you visit one of our centres. 

Annual Membership Fees

​Adult ​Under 18* ​Family ​60+
​Standard ​£7.30 ​£5.10 ​£14.50 ​Free**
​Concession ​£5.10 ​- ​£10.10 ​Free

 * Aged 18 or under and live or attend school/college in Glasgow?  Apply for a free  Glasgow Young Scot/Kidz Card offering free swimming and many other benefits up to the age of 19.

** This is free to those 60+ that live in Glasgow. If not it is £7.30. 

Individual Activity Prices 

The standard Pay As You Go (PAYG) member discount is 10% on most activities which you can book up to 7 days in advance. The prices below are for the most popular activities, please contact your nearest centre if you don't find what you're looking for. 

​Fitness Classes ​£5.30 ​£4.80 ​£3.70 ​Free
​Gym Session ​£6.00 £​5.50 ​£4.30 ​Free
​Gym Induction £9.70 ​£8.70 ​£6.80 ​Free
​Sauna, steam & spa
(Does not include Refresh Spa at Emirates Arena)
​£5.30 ​£4.10 ​Free
​Swimming ​£3.20 ​£2.90 ​£2.30 ​Free
​Badminton ​£8.50 ​£7.70 ​£6.00** ​£7.70
​Outdoor Track (Nethercraigs) ​£3.10 ​£2.80 ​£2.20 ​Free
​Indoor & Outdoor Tracks (Scotstoun & Emirates) £4.60​ £3.90​ £3.20​ £3.85

** More than 50% of the players must have the concessionary discount to quality for this discounted badminton price (eg both players in singles and three or more players in doubles).


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