Scottish Women in Sport, Coach of the Year 2014

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Scottish Women in Sport, Coach of the Year 2014

Congratulations to Adrienne Hunter
Congratulations to Adrienne Hunter, Scottish Women in Sport, Coach of the Year 2014. Find out more about Adrienne below.

Adrienne Hunter impact over the last 12 months:

Besides leading Glasgow Fever’s senior women through their most successful season yet and being the driving force behind the Club’s recent expansion into senior men’s competition, in order to help ensure the long term success of the Club, Adrienne has invested a huge amount of time and effort over the last year into developing younger and less experienced Club members who have shown an interest in coaching. Thanks to her encouragement and enthusiasm, every one of those members is now embracing their new role and gaining their own coaching experience (under Adrienne’s supervision) via the Club’s Junior Development programme (for children ages 4 and up). With a 300% increase in the Club’s junior member numbers since the 2012/2013 season, it’s obvious that Adrienne’s commitment to developing this new wave of positive coaches is paying off. Stacey MacDonald is one shining example of Adrienne’s positive influence, having been mentored by Adrienne during her own progression through the coaching pathway (from completion of UKCC Level 1, to the national development squads and then on to coach education). Stacey won the 2013 Ronnie Mather Contribution to Coaching Award at the start of the year and has stated that Adrienne’s “positive mentality and engaging, player-focused approach… served as an ideal example of what a coach should be” and that her “consistently high standards” are something she always strives to replicate.

Continuing personal development:

Adrienne is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the fundamentals of coaching, not to mention how to motivate, inspire and get the best performance out of players. However, she is constantly seeking new ways to develop her skills, particularly where it might benefit the Club. As well as informal personal development (e.g. peer networking, reading published material, online research, etc.), Adrienne regularly attends seminars and workshops to broaden her range of expertise and ensure that she is able to deliver the highest standard of coaching and level of support possible. Since the start of 2014 alone, Adrienne has attended (among other things) Club Skills Guide workshops, sports coach UK’s ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions’ workshops (for young people and adults), Growth mindset workshops, Fundamentals of Team Sports workshops (with Kenny Murray of the Glasgow Warriors), and a number of the 2014 Global Coaches House sessions. She also attended the Nike Championship Clinic in South Carolina, USA, which consisted of a weekend of on-court presentations from various college-level coaches about all aspects of the game.

Adrienne works closely with other coaches from a broad range of sports  and makes the most of any opportunity to network with people in a similar role to herself. Her level of experience and in-depth knowledge is highly regarded, and she is known for her willingness to share this extensive knowledge with others. As such, she is often approached by external coaches and clubs to act in a mentoring or consultancy capacity (for example, she currently sits on a management committee for Glasgow University Basketball Club).

Adrienne is currently a Field Based Trainer and Internal Verifier with Basketball Scotlands Coach Education programmes.

About Adrienne

Adrienne is an incredible role model, using every opportunity to lead by example and always choosing to focus and build upon the positive aspects of an experience, rather than the negative. A game lost is not an opportunity lost, but rather a chance to reflect, learn and grow. She constantly demonstrates how positive an experience coaching can be and encourages others to have the confidence to get involved in it themselves. Not only has Adrienne worked hard to implement these kinds of Positive Coaching Scotland strategies within the Club, but she has actively helped filter its ideologies through every aspect of Fever club life.

In a bid to help develop the Club’s less experienced players, Adrienne has taken the bold move of entering two senior women’s teams into the local Strathclyde League competition for the 2014/15 season, allowing Stacey MacDonald to take on a lead coaching role and other Club members to step-up and gain experience through assistant coaching. Though many people may view entering two teams in the same league as a risky move in terms of maintaining a unified Club atmosphere, Adrienne is confident that Glasgow Fever will not only succeed, but wholeheartedly embrace this fantastic opportunity for skills development, strengthening the club’s member base and securing its future in the process. With Adrienne at the helm, we have no doubt that this will be a positive experience for the Club.

Beyond her role as coach, Adrienne has continued to develop valuable links and relationships with key partners in the local area (e.g. local businesses and schools) on behalf of the Club and has maintained an active involvement in the Youth Leadership and Active Schools programmes. Adrienne spends a significant amount of time volunteering in schools and within the local community, as well as using the Club as an effective fundraising platform for disadvantaged groups.

Adrienne drives the Club forward, whilst helping everybody develop the skills to support it. As a coach, she consistently demonstrates the highest levels of commitment and passion, but also shows compassion and understanding wherever it’s needed, supporting individual club members in whatever way she can and helping them to develop to the best of their abilities.

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