Health and Safety Rules

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Health and Safety Rules

Best Practice 

Please adhere to Off-Ice Skating RULES 

Terms & Conditions

Just SkateAll children under 5 must be accompanied by an parent / guardian on the rink at all times.  A parent / guardian of all children ages 5 – 7 years must remain in the skating vicinity at all times, the parent/guardian are responsible for supervising their child.
Learn To Skate Programme - An adult must accompany children under 8 years old and remain in the sports hall during the coached/supervised session.

Sports Hall
​No skating outside sports hall
No food or drink in sports hall rink area
Skate Anti Clockwise direction at all times
Always listen to the Coaches 
When falling, slide forward with arms stretched out in front.
No Photography or Filming 

Clothing and appearance

Always ensure that you have wrist guards on
Boot laces securely fastened not hanging down
No socks No boots
No loose clothing 
No Jewellery or hair pieces clips etc
No chewing gum
Hair always tied back away from face 
No loose head ware
Skin covered, long sleeve top and trousers

Not enforcing the rules above can possibly cause serious damage to a person if they fall off the skates.

Refund Policy 

Please see www.glasgowlife/off-ice-skating for refund policy terms and conditions.

1. A full refund can only be given if you notify the facility that your child cannot attend, as early as possible, before week 1 commences. 
2. At week 1, half refund can be offered before week 2 commences. 
3. Unfortunately no refund can be offered at week 2. However in the event of long term sickness or if customer has unexpected medical reasons please contact the facility manager on 0141 287 1490.
4. On occasion a lesson may be cancelled at short notice. In the event of this happening facility manager will advise customers if the lesson is to be re-scheduled or refunded.​

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