Season Tickets from £110

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Season Tickets from £110

Golf Season Tickets
With the launch of our new site specific season tickets on 1st April 2013, you will be able to enjoy membership of one of our three 9 hole courses for just £110 per year.

And to join one of our three 18 hole courses, the price is only £180 per year.

In addition, should you fancy a change of scenery during the year, your season ticket will get you a great discount at any of our other courses. (Just £4.00 for 9 hole and £6.00 for 18 holes).



​Description Full Price​ Glasgow Club Pay as You Go or Fitness Unlimited Member Discount Rate​
​Site Specific Season Ticket at 9 Hole Course £110​ £99​
​Site Specific Season Ticket at 18 Hole Course £180​ £162​
​6 Course SeasonTicket (lump sum payment) £275​ £248​
​6 Course Season Ticket (Direct Debit) £334.50​ £301​
​18 Holes or Twice Round 9 Holes (weekdays) £10​ £9​
18 Holes or Twice Round 9 Holes (weekends)​ £11.50​ £10.50​
​9 Hole Course (weekdays) £6​ £5.40​
​9 Hole Course (weekends) £7​ £6.30​
​18 Hole (winter) £7​ £6.30​
9 Hole (winter)​ £4​ £3.60​
18 Hole (season ticket discount)​ £6​ n/a​
​9 Hole (season ticket discount) £4​ n/a​

Where to Buy Season Tickets

Season tickets will be available for purchase from 1st April 2013 at any Glasgow Club facility.

0141 287 8931. (Please note that currently season tickets cannot be
purchased at the golf courses.)
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