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Running Network
Glasgow Sport, Commonwealth Arena, 1000 London Road, G40 3HY
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Running Network


Welcome to the Glasgow Club Running Network

If you have a passion for running but don't fancy going it alone, the Glasgow Club Running network is perfect for you! We cater for all ages (age 15+) and all abilities, whether you are male or female, a regular runner or just a beginner, there is an option to offer you the support you need to get out there!  

*New for 2014, our weekly Network sessions are now included in your Glasgow Club Fitness Unlimited Membership*

What Option is right for me?

First of all ask yourself, do you think you are a jogger, refresher or regular runner? Have a look below and see!


We know it can sometimes be tough finding the motivation to start jogging on your own, particularly if you’ve never done it before.  That’s why we have set up supportive jogging groups for complete beginners all over the city. 

Our friendly coaches will start you off with a gentle 2 minute jog and gradually build up your pace at a level you’re comfortable with. Call the Good Move team today on  0300 343 0400 for more information or click here​ to see our page!


Got some previous experience? If you can jog for 15-20 minutes but don't feel confident enough to run the 3 miles required to attend our regular network sessions, then this option is perfect for you! Have a look here for more information on when the refresher network sessions take place, or, if you're looking to join one of our courses, there is 10K training is coming up soon! Have a look here for more info on the course! ​

Regular Runners

If you already love running and can go for 3 miles straight, why not come run with the network at our weekly sessions? There are lots of options if you want to challenge yourself and its a great chance to meet up with fellow runners! Want some more info? Call 0141 287 3831, have a browse of our page here or like our Facebook​ page here to keep up to date with what's going on!

To see our Running Network Agreement Click Here

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