Beginners Courses

Feel like getting out running but pretty sure you can't make it to the end of the road? Well not to worry! It's never too late to get started! Our beginners courses are designed to help people who have been out of the game for a while or have no experience at all! 

​​Getting Started

The courses we offer for beginners take place in 10 week blocks, with sessions once a week. The courses start off small, alternating two minutes walking with two minutes jogging to help build up your fitness levels. This is gradually increased throughout the course and builds up to three miles at the end of the 10 weeks. The sessions meet from a variety of Glasgow locations so you can fit in with the one that best suits you! 

​​When and Where Are the Sessions?

Our Beginners Courses take place throughout the city. Have a look below for details of the remaining 2014 courses to see which one suits you. ​​Call 0800 027 0470 to book!

​JULY - SEPT 2014
​Day Tim​e ​Dates
Gorbals ​Thursday ​6.30pm ​24 July - 25 Sept
​Holyrood ​Tuesday ​7.30pm ​22 July - 23 Sept
​Castlemilk ​Monday ​7.30pm ​21 July - 22 Sept
​Monday ​7.45pm ​21 July - 22 Sept
​Garrowhill Com. Centre
​Tuesday ​7.30pm ​22 July - 23 Sept
​OCT - DEC 2014
​Day Time​ Dates​
​Bellahouston ​Wednesday ​6.30pm ​15 Oct - 17 Dec
​Donald Dewar ​Thursday ​6.30pm ​16 Oct - 18 Dec
​Gorbals ​Thursday ​6.30pm ​16 Oct - 18 Dec
​Holyrood ​Tuesday ​7.30pm ​14 Oct - 16 Dec
Castlemilk​ ​Monday ​7.30pm ​13 Oct - 15 Dec
​Tollcross ​Monday ​7.30pm ​13 Oct - 15 Dec
​Emirates ​Thursday ​7.30pm ​16 Oct - 18 Dec
​Springburn ​Monday ​7.45pm ​13 Oct - 15 Dec
​Garrowhill ​Tuesday ​7.30pm ​14 Oct - 16 Dec
​Kelvingrove Tennis Pavillion
​Thursday ​6.30pm ​16 Oct - 18 Dec
​Maryhill Tuesday​ ​6.30pm ​14Oct - 16 Dec
​Scotstoun Wednesday​ 7.30pm​ ​15 Oct - 17 Dec
 Want some more information before coming along? Call  0141 287 3831    and speak to a member of our team! ​

What Do I Wear?

The best thing to wear is a good pair of running shoes that fit you well and suit the shape of your feet! This will really help to prevent injury and will be much more comfortable for you! We recommend getting advice from a specialist running retailer to find the right shoes for you.

Other than the shoes, we recommend that you come prepared for the unpredictable Scottish weather! In winter a hat, waterproof jacket and gloves will help protect from the cold and the rain, and easily removable layers are also advised as you can heat up pretty fast! 

What Does it cost? 

The price below includes the welcome pack, which will be handed out at the start of the course!

​​Course Cost
​Glasgow Club Fitness Unlimited
​Concession Cost ​​£20.00​                            
Sadly no refunds can be given after the course starts.


To get some more information on the courses we have on offer feel free to give us a call on 0141 287 3831. ​You could also have a look at our Facebook page here​ for updates on what else we have going on! 

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