Sailing in the City


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Sailing in the City

Sailing in Glasgow

Sailing in the City (8-14 years)

Come along and get involved in sailing in a safe and fun environment in your local area for free. Whilst participating in the sessions you will be taught to the Royal Yachting Associations junior scheme by qualified and experienced instructors. On completion of each stage you will be issued a certificate.
You must complete each stage before moving on to the next.

Taster Sessions

Cost – £10.00 for 2 hours 30 mins.
Come along, jump in a boat and give Sailing a go!
These sessions last approximately 1 hour 30 mins and give you the opportunity to try the sport.

Stage 1

Cost – £25 for full day
So you have tried it and liked it!
Improve those basic sailing skills as well as knot tying and rigging your boat.

Stage 2

Cost: £50 for 2 days
Learn more about how to control your boat speed and direction as well as
the ‘rules of the water’ putting theory into practice.
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