• Looking for a simple and enjoyable way to live a healthier lifestyle whilst enjoying the great outdoors and meeting new people? Then look no further!
    The health benefits to walking regularly are huge, not only does it keep you physically active, it makes you feel good and improves your mental health and wellbeing.

    We have walks to suit everyone including our free Glasgow Health Walks (information available by calling 0141 287 3831), our leisurely Garden walks or our more strenuous Hill Day Walks. So even if you’ve never walked as part of a group before or you’re already walking on a regular basis, there are so many walks to choose there’s sure to be something to suit you!

    What are you waiting for? Take the first steps to a healthier happier you as you walk with others enjoying the lovely scenery on your doorstep and get fit at the same time!

    We have walks to suit everyone from those of you who are just getting started to more established walkers. Click here​ to have a look at our walking key to find out which of our walks are right for you!  

    Feel free to give us a call for advise or more information on any of our walks, our great team will be happy to help you! Call 0141 287 3831. ​                        

    ​Health Walks

  • Do you or someone you know enjoy walking but want to try something a little less strenuous​? The Health Walk programme might be a better fit! The programme caters to all ages and abilities. Click here to visit the Health Walks webpage to find out what they do and see what else there is on offer! 

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