Types of Walks and Descriptions

Our walking programme has an option available for everyone, the key below indicates what you can expect from each level of walk. Use the key to find out which walks will be suitable for you and don't forget, the more walking you do, the easier it will be to progress to the next level!


*NEW* Country Park Walks, Starting Jan 2014

Get out and about with a leisurely half day Country Park Walk, taking in some great locations along the way.​ Approx.​ 4 miles. Walks take place weekly and must be booked in advance.  Full timetable of walks including location are available by calling 0800 027 0470 to provide more details when available.

Price: £5
Concessions and discounts available*​

Garden Walks

Our Garden walks are ideal for walking beginners and provide a great opportunity to enjoy some of Scotland’s beautiful scenery whilst helping to improve your general fitness levels. Enjoy a gentle stroll in a garden environment on established paths with lots of stops. Approximately 2/3 miles maximum.

Price: £23.70
Concessions and discounts available*
Entry charges to gardens and ferry fares, where applicable, must be met by individuals and not included in the overall cost.


Easy Walks

Generally our Easy Walks take place on low level and flat paths or back-roads with some minor inclines. Full day walks are between 6-9 miles and Half day walks are max 5/6 miles. These walks are suitable for walkers who have some experience or may wish to start walking on easier terrain. We advise you start off with a few easy walks before trying a more advanced grade if you are new to the programme.

Price: £23.70
Half Day Weekly Walks: £10.80
Concessions and discounts available*


Easy + Walks

Our Easy+ Walks are the next level up from our Easy Walks, whereby you can expect to find a few steeper sections but mainly on good established paths.   Between 6-11 miles.

Price: £23.70
Concessions and discounts available*


Moderate Walks

Expect some steep inclines, some hills, mixed terrain or wilder countryside during our Moderate Walks. Full day walks are between 5-14 miles and Half day walks are max 6 miles and must be booked in advance.
These walks will give you a taster of steeper exhilarating climbs with shorter achievable distances or longer mileage without major inclines and provide an ideal start for those Easy + walkers looking for those looking for a further challenge.

Price: £23.70

Half Day Weekly Walks: £10.80

Concessions and discounts available*


Hill Day Walks

These full day walks are more strenuous and some are harder than others. Expect walks both on and off paths, over steep ground, peaks and exposed areas. Walks may be subject to change depending on weather conditions. All hill walks are between 5-10 miles and are graded in terms of difficulty and only suitable for those with a very good level of fitness and/or previous hill walk experience.

Grade 1- A step up from a moderate walk, you can expect this grade 1 hill walk to be shorter that grades 2 and 3 and less steep with no exposure.

Grade 2- More difficult than grade 1 Hill walk, expect a climb on much steeper ground, some exposure and rocky ground.

Grade 3- This is a longer, more challenging Hill walk, where you can expect a climb on steep ground, rocky and exposed terrain.

Price: £23.70
Concessions and discounts available*
Hill Day Walks are only recommended for those with suitable level of fitness.

*For Full details on discounts and concessions call 0800 027 0470

Don’t forget we also have our FREE Glasgow Health Walks for those of you looking to just get started but aren’t ready for a Garden Walk or a Countryside walk. For more information call 0141 284 0963 or click here​ to have a look at our web page.

Look out for our Country Park Walks starting in January 2014!

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