A Typical Day with the Walking Team

​Time ​Description
​08:30 Meet minibus and instructor and other walkers at Glasgow Club Kelvin Hall (Saturdays) or Glasgow Club Gorbals (Sundays). We take 12 people max on a walk and very occasionally we will take 14 max.
The instructor is in charge and makes decisions based on health and safety for all. Weather, ability, injury are the kinds of things that may affect the walk continuing.
​10:00-11:30 Arrive at your destination and start your walk. We try to avoid driving for more than 2 hours.  The group will tend to spread out but will be in view at all times with regular stops to let slower people catch up and have a rest.
​12:30-13:30 Stop for lunch for a good feed and rest. How long we stop will very much depend on the weather.
​13:30 Continue walking, talking, admiring the scenery
15:00-18:30 Walk finishes. Finish time depends on mileage and grade of walk. If time permits then we go to a local pub or a café / hotel for a post walk refreshment.
​17:00-20:00 Instructor drives everyone back to Glasgow at the original pick up point and people get out to make their own way home from either the Gorbals or Kelvin Hall. Drop off time will also depend on grade, distance of walk, location of walk and return traffic.
We welcome your feedback on the walk, the instructor and your overall enjoyment.

Our walks are for anyone over 18 and we attract men and women of all ages.


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