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Swimming is an extremely demanding sport but swimming is as much a recreational activity as it is an elite sport. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK use swimming as a way to keep fit, relax and have fun.

When combined with a balanced, healthy diet, swimming is an efficient way to maximise weight loss, with a 30-minute swim likely to burn approximately 440 calories.

The energy consumed boosts your metabolism so effectively that 30 minutes in the pool equates to 45-60 minutes of land-based exercise.

From beginners to experts, children to adults, courses are run throughout Glasgow. For beginners, it is essential to receive tuition from qualified coaches to ensure that you learn the different strokes to help you swim in a safe way. Other than that, all that is needed are some swimming trunks or a swimming costume.

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A dive may only last a few seconds, but it requires great skill and nerve.

Platform diving requires a quick burst of energy to spring off the board and engages the lower body, upper back, shoulders, abdominals and arm muscles. An hour's activity typically burns approximately 197 calories. Athletes hit the water at speeds of up to 40mph, with supreme acrobatic and coordination skills required to perform the complex dives. Total dedication and hours of practice are needed to master diving. As diving can be done in pairs, it is an excellent way to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people.

Under supervision at a club or training centre, diving is one of the safest ways to get an adrenaline buzz.  Scottish Swimming run training events throughout the year for people of all abilities.

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