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Glasgow Sport’s Physical Activity and Outdoor team host a whole variety of health promoting, get active programmes from health walks to group exercise classes for the over 60s.


The team recently launched, CANmove, a free activity based programme for anyone living with or beyond cancer. The 12 week programme is delivered in venues across Glasgow City and has been designed specifically to assist people with a cancer diagnosis to stay or become more active.

Physical activity is important for cancer patients at all stages of their cancer care pathway. The evidence is growing to support the role of keeping active before, during and after cancer treatment. Keeping active throughout the cancer journey can help improve physical and emotional well being. Regular physical may also reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

What's Involved?

CANmove classes consist of a circuit based exercise session, learning more about getting active and staying active, as well as the chance to meet and socialise with other participants. The circuit part of the class consists of a warm up; up to 30 minutes of basic exercises, a cool down and relaxation section.

Working in partnership, Glasgow Sport, NHSGGC and Macmillan Cancer Support make sure the delivery of the programme is safe and effective and kept to the highest of standards.

The classes are led by highly trained, approachable and friendly instructors. With their specialist cancer and exercise training, they can adapt the session to cater and accommodate any level of fitness and ability, or advise on any concerns regarding exercise.

During your 12 weeks you will be offered support to find activities out with CANmove that will enable you to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle for the future.

Meet Janie…

Janie attended CANMove (formally known as Active ABC) after her second diagnosis of breast cancer. Janie was first diagnosed 17 years ago undergoing a lumpectomy with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Her secondary cancer returned in the same breast and this time she had to have a mastectomy and reconstruction. 

By her second diagnosis Janie strongly felt that her lifetime of keeping fit and active helped her cope both mentally and physically. Janie has always been a keen runner, attended fitness classes and circuit classes. She also became a running coach and coached right up until 2 days before her op for secondary cancer.

Treatment and side effects

Janie said her consultant commented on how well she had coped with surgery and her recovery was amazing for her age, he put this down to her active lifestyle and healthy attitude to life.
Problems started to arise for Janie when she was described letrizole, she suffered sever bone and joint pain. During this time her confidence to exercise independently became very low, which was when she made the decision to attend CANMove. 

​Attending ABC

From attending CANMove and gaining knowledge and advice from both instructors and participants on the programme, Janie realised that joint and bone pain were a common side effect to letrizole. She went back to speak to her consultant and explained the side effects, she was then prescribed Armidex​ which has eased a lot of the pain she had. Janie said had she not attended CANMove she would have never known of the side effects to letrizole and may have put it down to something more serious. 

What Janie got from attending CANMove

When describing what she got from attending CANMove Janie said the opportunity to mix and exercise with people in similar situations, and even though every situation is unique, the effects of cancer to any person she feels, are the same. Janie believes CANMove also helped with the weight gain caused by the treatment.

“CANMove is self disciplined and you work at a level suited to yourself, and it’s so inspiring to watch women who have never exercised come along and work hard and progress each week knowing without CANMove these ladies would have never thought of exercising. Things have moved on from years ago when it was support groups to speak of cancer and how you feel, where now it’s about moving on from cancer and the exercise is a huge bonus in that”

The instructors were marvellous, motivated, great personalities installing confidence back into people to help them get active.

To summarise Janie felt CANMove helped with every aspect of her recovery from increased endorphins, weight control, mental well being, confidence booster and the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.           

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