Young Peoples Sports Panel

Sportscotland in partnership with Young Scot have developed the first ever Young people’s sport panel. 

What is the Sports Panel?

The sport panel presents a national platform to represent the voice of young people across Scotland.  This involves young people sharing their views, helping to influence and shape the future and be involved in raising the profile of sport in Scotland.  In turn, the sport panel are looking to inspire more young people to get involved in sport.

In April this year sportscotland and Young Scot received 178 applications from young people aged 14-24 across Scotland.  After undertaking individual and group interviews at the sportscotland offices in Edinburgh, 16 of these applicants were successful and the Young people’s sport panel was formed.

Residential Training

On the 29th June 2012 the sport panel members attended a one night training residential at sportscotland’s Glenmore Lodge in Aviemore. This was the first opportunity the panel members had to meet each other.  Everybody had a fantastic weekend and were lucky enough to receive inspirational talks from the CEO’s of sportscotland and Young Scot, Stewart Harris and Louise Macdonald.  The residential was also a fantastic opportunity for the panel to discuss what they will be focusing on throughout the year.  

The sport panel are currently undertaking tasks focusing on raising the profile of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Some of the panel are reporting on their experience working and volunteering at London 2012, whilst others are looking at how the Games had an impact on their community.  You can find out more information on these tasks here.

Glasgow Sport's Young Leader Programme

Three of the young people selected for the panel were also members of Glasgow Sport’s Young Leaders programme (GSYL) in 2011-2012.  The GSYL programme aims to develop young sports leaders, enabling them to be the best leader they can be.  Young leaders attend monthly development evenings where they can share skills, experiences and develop their leadership qualities and knowledge.  It is also a fantastic opportunity for young people to access the Glasgow Sport volunteering pathway.  Sport panel members Hannah Jolly, Kulbir Singh and Nathan Arbuckle have all successfully completed this programme.

Katie Clucas who was also successful in gaining a place on the sports panel is an Assistant Sports Development Officer for Glasgow Sport.
Katie believes that “Being a member of the sports panel is a fantastic opportunity to meet other young people who share a passion for sport.  The residential at Glenmore Lodge was great for us to share ideas and focus on how we can raise the profile of sport in Scotland.  I am extremely happy to be a member of the Young people’s sport panel, it is a great honour and I am looking forward to working together to encourage more young people to take up sport in Scotland.”

Hannah Jolly a former young leader stated “I believe that involvement in sport can make a huge difference to the lives of all young people. As part of the sport panel, I am really looking forward to helping to ensure that all young people in Scotland have an equal chance both to take part and to have their views represented in sport. It is an incredible opportunity for us, as young people, to influence the future of Scottish sport.”

Kulbir Singh thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and said “The Young people’s sport panel has given young people a voice, it gives us the power to make a difference within our community.  The group has brought together minds from all over Scotland for one goal, to see Scotland’s young generation at its true potential.”

Nathan Arbuckle feels that “Being brought up in the East End of Glasgow came with its challenges. Having a chance to represent the young people of Scotland, is one of the greatest honours possible. It shows what you can do if you set your mind to it and I can say “I done my part to help young people in Scotland advance in sport!”

For further information on the above mentioned Glasgow Sport Young Leaders Programme please click here.

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