Positive Coaching Scotland

Glasgow Sport is working with Sportscotland, Education and National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) to implement the Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme. PCS is a cultural change programme designed to create a positive environment for young people in sport.  PCS focuses on using sport to help and support children's learning and development of their life skills.

The Positive Coaching Scotland programme will:

  • Empower parents, coaches, teachers and sport leaders to help create a more positive sporting environment for young people
  • Support young people, along with their coaches, parents, and teachers to move away from the 'win at all costs' mentality and focus instead on effort, respect and responsibility
  • Use workshops and tailored support materials to encourage this change in approach and so inspire young people to reach their maximum potential
  • Improve the quality of coaching through systematic training and development
  • Help educate young people about winning, losing and co-operation, while at the same time encouraging them to learn and develop new skills

The programme will be rolled out across Glasgow over the next 4 years through sports clubs and schools as well as being included in coach education courses across a number of sports including football and rugby.

How's it being implemented?

The Scottish FA in partnership with the Winning Scotland Foundation and Sportscotland has embraced the Positive Coaching Scotland Programme (PCS) which recognises that major challenges exist in modern day grassroots football and aims to address these through a change in culture.

Similarly, Positive Coaching Scotland, in association with the Bill McLaren Foundation and the Winning Scotland Foundation are funding a three year pilot programme that will be delivered by Scottish Rugby with the guidance and support of Sportscotland. This cultural change programme will target rugby clubs and rugby playing schools and will aim to shape youngsters lives with the help of parents, coaches and teachers to make playing rugby fun.

For more details on the PCS programme contact the team on 0141 287 3721 or email coaching@glasgowlife.org.uk

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