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​Glasgow Sport’s Swimming Development section successfully organised two UKCC Teaching Aquatic Level 1 courses in October this year. As a result, we will have 24 newly qualified swimming teachers, which will enhance our swimming teaching/coaching workforce within the Glasgow area. 

One of these courses was part of our staff up-skilling programme and was delivered in Glasgow Club Bellahouston. As a result of this course, 11 of Glasgow Sport’s Leisure Attendants will receive the UKCC Teaching Aquatic Level 1 certificate from Scottish Swimming. This allows them to take swimming lessons in our facilities while the company are expanding the ‘Learn to Swim’ programme so that we can reach more children.  The hard work from facility managers and staff at Glasgow Club Bellahouston was much appreciated as it directly contributed to the overall success of the course. In addition to this, more than 50 children have benefited from the free swimming lessons they received as part of the practical teaching sessions candidates were delivering in the UKCC Teaching Aquatic course. The overall attendance was over 1000 during the course time. This will definitely encourage more children to be enrolled into the Learn to Swim programme.  

The second UKCC Teaching Aquatic course was delivered in Drumchapel pool. As the course was running on weekdays, local schools were invited to bring some pupils along. The following schools brought around 80 children from P5&6 to attend what was essentially free swimming lessons; Antonine Primary, Camstradden Primary and Langfaulds Primary. The feedback received from these schools was very positive. The depute head teacher from Antonine Primary School commented:

“I want to thank you for inviting us.  The children benefited so much from the intensive support the trainee coaches provided.  It appeared to be a hugely successful project and I would of course ask that you keep Antonine in mind if you have any further opportunities for partnership.  Please pass on our thanks to the coaches and good luck in all future endeavours.”

With no provision for free school swimming lessons for Primary 5s and Primary 6s due to budget restrictions, the schools are all keen to be involved should any course come to Drumchapel in the future. The outcome of the course has been what the company had hoped for the school and pupils have benefited from free swimming lessons and the course has benefited as they have had participants in the coaching sessions.

The Swimming Development Team aim to organise more UKCC Teaching courses in the coming year, especially at the Tollcross Aquatic Centre once it reopens early in the New Year. This initiative has shown that not only can interested candidates be up skilled through attending the course but also that children can have access to free swimming lessons and a possible avenue into the sport. 

The programme is excellent and offers experience and a strong reassurance that Scotland will continue to produce excellent young swimmers. If you would like to find out more about Glasgow Sport’s Swimming programme or sign up your child for a Learn to Swim session then please contact Swimming Development on 0141 287 3683.

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