Quality Mark

The SFA recognises that both football clubs and schools should be rewarded for attaining enhanced standards of playing, coaching and administration of the youth game.

The SFA Quality Mark Scheme in conjunction with Glasgowlife offers clubs and schools working with young people the opportunity to work towards three levels of accreditation award as detailed as below:

  • Standard Award
  • Development Award
  • Community Award

Each award is related to both, the capacity and specific football infra structure of the club / school which should coincide with the level of award that they wish to attain.

Glasgowlife Football Development Section is committed to assisting clubs and schools across the City of Glasgow in their quest to achieving Quality Mark status.

There are benefits towards gaining Quality mark accreditation as detailed below:

  • Publicity and presentation of the accreditation certificate / diploma
  • CSG Football Development Officer time and expertise
  • Discounted rates for coaches / teaching staff attending SFA coaching courses
  • National recognition that the club or school is “player centred and coach led”
  • Use of SFA accreditation logo which can be used on promotional / information material
  • Improved opportunities for external funding due to Quality Mark recognition
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