Glasgow Club Bellahouston
Bellahouston Drive, Glasgow, G52 1HH
0141 276 0767

Bellahouston Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons
​Glasgow Club Bellahouston is a great place to learn to swim.
It combines a 25 metre, 5 lane pool with a fun pool complete with flumes, river rapids and an ideal beach style pool ideal for introducing children to the water. 

A comprehensive programme of lessons covering all levels of swimming are available.

​How to book?

All you have to do is pop into the centre and book up with the team at reception.

  • Child - £4.25 per session
  • Concession - £2.85 per session
  • Kids Card - £3.95 per session
  • Adult - £5.65 per session

You can book in up to week three in the block and rebook from week eight. 
This block runs from Sun 23rd March - Sat 31st May (10 weeks)

The sessions are paid for by the block and are as follows: 
  • Child - £36.90
  • Concession - £24.75
  • Kids Card - £34.65
  • Adult - £49.50

​Day Time​ Class 1​ Class 2
Class 3​ Class 4​ ​Class 5
Class 6​
​Tues ​10.00-10.30 ​Adult & Child

​10.30-11.00 ​Starfish Starfish
​11.00-11.30 ​Starfish Starfish
​13.00-13.30 ​Starfish Starfish
​13.30-14.00 ​Starfish Starfish
​14.00-14.30 ​Starfish Starfish
​Thurs ​10.00-10.30 ​Adult & Child
​10.30-11.00 ​Starfish ​Starfish
​11.00-11.30 ​Starfish ​Starfish
​13.00-13.30 ​Starfish Starfish
​13.30-14.00 ​Starfish Starfish
​14.00-14.30 ​Starfish Starfish
16.30-17.00​ ​Seahorses ​Seahorses
​Penguins Turtles​ ​Otters
​17.00-17.30 ​Seahorses ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Penguins ​Turtles ​Otters
17.30-18.00​ ​Seahorses ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Swordfish ​Sharks
​18.00-18.30 ​Seahorses ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Adult & Child
​18.30-19.00 ​Seahorses ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Adult & Child
​Otters ​Penguins
​19.00-19.30 ​Turtles Seahorses Sharks​ Swordfish​ ​Seahorses
​19.30-20.00 ​Adult Beg. ​Adult Imp.
Sharks​ Assess.
​Fri 12.30-13.00​ ​Starfish Starfish
​13.00-13.30 Starfish Starfish
13.30-14.00​ Starfish Starfish
​14.00-14.30 Starfish Starfish
​Sat ​08.00-08.30 ​Seahorses Seahorses​ ​Turtles ​Turtles ​Penguines
​08.30-09.00 ​Seahorses Seahorses​ Turtles​ ​Penguins ​Otters
​09.00-09.30 ​Seahorses Assess.​ Starfish
​Swordfish ​Sharks
​09.30-10.00 ​Seahorses Seahorses​ Starfish​ ​Sharks
​Sun ​16.00-16.30 Seahorses​ ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Penguins ​Turtles
​16.30-17.00 ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Starfish ​Penguins ​Otters
​17.00-17.30 ​Seahorses ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Sharks ​Swordfish
​17.30-18.00 ​Seahorses ​Seahorses ​Turtles ​Sharks
​18.00-18.30 ​Seahorses Starfish ​Turtles ​Otters ​Penguins
​18.30-19.00 ​Seahorses ​Seahorses ​Swordfish ​Sharks ​Turtles
​19.00-19.30 ​Turtles ​Seahorses ​Seahorse ​Sharks
​19.30-20.00 ​Adult Beg. ​Adult Beg.
Adult Imp. ​Assess ​Assess
​​For a reminder of the six different levels that take children from complete beginners to accomplished swimmers please CLICK HERE

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