Glasgow Club Scotstoun
72 Danes Drive Glasgow G14 9HU
0141 276 1620

Scotstoun Tennis Lessons

Scotstoun Tennis Coaching

Glasgow Club Scotstoun has 8 indoor courts and 3 outdoor courts which are ideal for coaching at all levels. All equipment is provided.

​Scotstoun ​Day ​Time
​Tots Tennis (1/2 hour class) ​Tuesday ​13.00-14.00
​Thursday ​13.00-14.00
Mini Tennis Red Group 1​ ​Monday ​16.00-17.00


​Mini Tennis Red Group 2 ​Tuesday ​17.00-18.00
​Thursday ​16.00-17.00
​Mini Tennis Orange ​Monday ​17.00-18.00
​Mini Tennis Green Thursday​ ​17.00-18.00
​Yellow Tennis ​Thursday ​18.00-19.00

How much is it?

Sessions at Glasgow Club Scotstoun are bookable by the block

The tots tennis sessions are £25.50 per block and the mini tennis sessions are £46.00 or £42.80 with a young scot card. Prices are based on an 8 week block*. To book pop into the centre or give the centre a call.   
*Each block runs in​ line with school terms. Blocks may be different lengths which will be priced accordingly. Dates are subject to change due to special events. You will not be charged for these sessions at the time of booking.


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