Swimming Clubs in Glasgow

City of Glasgow Swim Team

City of Glasgow Swim Team
Glasgow Sport
Emirates Arena
1000 London Road
G40 3HG

07593 305 616             office@swimglasgow.co.uk              See Website »

Kingston Amateur Swimming Club

Based at Castlemilk Pool
Dougrie Road, Glasgow G45 9UG                                            See Website »

Whitehill Amateur Swimming Club

Whitehill Pool
240 Onslow Drive
G31 3QU                                                                                         See Website »

0141 779 3342                      whitehillswimmingclub@hotmail.co.uk

For more information about the following disabled swimming clubs, contact the Swimming Development Team on 0141 287 5947:

  • City of Glasgow Seals Disabled Swimming Club
  • Temple Disabled Swimming Club 


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