Kids Swimming

Kids Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to stay healthy and get fit and in Glasgow we have lots of opportunities



Swimming is a great, full body workout, perfect for any age. The support of the water ensures little impact on the joints, while the resistance helps with toning. Not forgetting of course that it's a valuable life skill and something everyone should learn.

Pre-school Swimming

At Glasgow Sport we have classes for children as young as 6 months in our pre school swimming. These small classes, delivered by our expert coaches, involve fun, water based activities that introduce your child to the water and build their confidence while helping with their physical development and flexibility.

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Swimming Lessons

Our Learn to Swim programme consists of 6 levels which take children from complete beginner (Seahorses) right through to accomplished swimmer (Sharks). These lessons are suitable for children 5 years and over.

Prices are the same citywide and are as follows:
Adult and Child lessons are £4.40
Starfish lessons are £4.40 no concession price
Seahorse/Turtle/Penguin/Otter/Swordfish/Shark are £4.40 (£4.10 GYSC/KC or £3.00 concession) per lesson

The next block of classes starts the week beginning Sunday 18th October 2015 and runs until Saturday 12 December 2015 (9 weeks). New bookings can be made from Sunday 11 October 2015 by contacting your venue of choice.​

Ratios for our classes are as follows:

Adult and Child  1:12

Starfish                1:4

Seahorse            1:8

Turtle                  1:8

Penguin            1:12

Otter                   1:12

Swordfish         1:12

Shark                 1:15

Our team of enthusiastic, experience coaches are ASA qualified to ensure that your child’s journey from Seahorse to Shark will be fun, exciting and safe!

Where to Swim

We have 12 pools around the city, which all offer swimming lessons, so you're never far away from one!


​​​​​Glasgow School of Sport 

Scotland's first school dedicated to sporting excellence has been developed at Bellahouston Academy and is a first for Glasgow and a first for Sport. It's the only school in Great Britain which helps up and coming sports stars to become better at their chosen sport.

There are lots of talented sportsmen and women in Scotland and the School of Sport aims to nurture that talent and provide the best possible opportunities for development in the country.

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