Glasgow Club Castlemilk Pool

Glasgow Club Castlemilk Pool

Glasgow Club Castlemilk Pool Pre School Swimming

How much is it?

Pre-school swimming is £4.25 per session.​

How do we book?

It's easy to get your child signed up. Just pop down to the centre and book in at reception. For more information you can contact 0141 276 1420.

When is it?

Day ​Times ​Available Classes
Monday ​4pm Seahorse
​Monday 4.30pm ​Seahorse & Penguins
​Monday ​5pm ​Seahorse & Turtles
​Monday 5.30pm
Sharks & Turtles
​Monday 6pm Sharks & Penguins
​Wednesday ​10am Starfish & Adult and Child
​Wednesday ​10.30am ​Starfish
​Wednesday 11am
​Wednesday ​1pm Starfish & 1 -to- 1 Lesson
​Wednesday ​1.30pm ​Starfish & 1 -to-1 Lesson
​Wednesday 2pm Starfish
Wednesday 4pm ​Penguins & Turtles
​Wednesday 4.30pm Seahorse & Penguins
​Wednesday 5pm
Turtles & Otters
​Wednesday 5.50pm Seahorse & Penguins
​Wednesday 6pm
​Seahorse & Otters
​Wednesday ​6.30pm Seahorse & Swordfish
Wednesday ​7pm Seahorse & Turtles
​Thursday 10am ​Starfish
​Thursday 10.30am ​Starfish
Thursday ​11am ​Starfish
​Thursday 1pm
​Thursday 1.30pm Starfish
​Thursday 2pm ​Starfish
​Thursday ​4.30pm ​Seahorse
Thursday ​5pm ​Seahorse
​Thursday ​5.30pm ​Seahorse
Thursday ​6pm ​Turtles
​Thursday ​6.30pm ​Penguins
​Thursday ​7pm ​Turtles
​Thursday ​7.30pm ​Otters
​Friday ​10.30am ​Starfish
​Friday ​11am ​Starfish
​Friday ​11.30am Starfish​
​Friday ​1pm Starfish​
​Friday ​1.30pm Starfish​
​Friday ​2pm Starfish & Adult and Child​
​Saturday ​9am Turtles & Penguins​
​Saturday ​9.30am Starfish & Seahorse​
​Saturday ​10am Turtles & Otters​
​Saturday ​10.30am Seahorse & Swordfish​
​Saturday ​11am Starfish & Sharks​
​Saturday ​11.30am ​Starfish & Sharks
​Saturday ​12pm Seahorse​
​Saturday ​12.30pm Seahorse​


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