Sessions open for booking

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Sessions open for booking

The following sessions currently have spaces available. Please phone the relevant centre or ask at reception to book your place. Booking closes Saturday 30th August 2014 but we recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Details correct  as of 19/08/14


0141 276 0767​

​​Group ​Available lessons
Starfish Tuesdays & Thursdays various times, Wednesdays 6pm & 6.30pm
​Turtles ​Sundays 6.30pm, Wednesdays 5.30pm
​Penguins ​Saturdays 8am
​Otters  ​Wednesdays 4.30pm
​Swordfish Saturdays 9am, ​Wednesdays
​Sharks  ​Wednesdays, Saturdays


0141 276 1420​

Group ​Available lessons
Starfish Wednesdays various times, Thursdays 10.30am
Penguins ​Wednesdays 4pm
Otters ​Thursdays 7.30pm


0141 276 9696​

​Group ​Available lessons
​Adult and child classes ​Mondays 10am
​Penguins ​Fridays 6pm
​Otters ​Sundays 11.30am, Fridays 6.30pm


0141 276 6878​

Group ​Available lessons
Starfish Mondays and Fridays


0141 276 1690​

​Group ​Available lessons
​Otters Sundays 12 noon
Swordfish Sundays 


0141 276 0823​

Group ​Available lessons
Penguins ​Saturdays 11am
Otters ​Saturdays 11.30am
​Swordfish ​Saturdays 10.30am
Sharks ​Saturdays 12 noon


0141 276 1515​​

Group ​Available lessons
Starfish ​Fridays various times
Turtles ​Fridays 5pm & 5.30pm
​Penguins ​Thursdays 


0141 276 1490​

Group ​Available lessons
Adult and child classes Wednesdays 10am
Starfish Wednesdays, Fridays various times
Seahorses Thursdays 6.30pm
Turtles  ​Thursdays 4.30pm & 5pm
Penguins Saturdays

North Woodside

0141 276 1510 

Group ​Available lessons
Starfish Tuesdays various times
Seahorses Tuesdays various times
Turtles  Tuesdays various times
Penguins Tuesdays 6.30pm & 7pm
​Otters ​Tuesdays​ 6.30pm & 7pm
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