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I want to Coach

In partnership with , the Scottish Volleyball Association  Glasgow Sport provides a coaching diary of Volleyball and generic courses for new, developing and experienced coaches and officials.

Funding support  for committed Glasgow club volunteer/Glasgow residents is available through our Grants Programme.

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The Scottish Volleyball Association also runs annual coaching and official courses/workshops. 

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​Course ​Dates ​Times ​Venue ​Cost ​Description
​Volleyball UKCC Level 1
​11,17,18 May 2014

3-day course
25+26 Oct
9 Nov 2014


​£120 ​This 3 day UKCC course looks closely at the skills of ‘how’ to coach, as well as the volleyball content of ‘what’ to coach. It provides opportunities for the course candidates to engage in ‘mirco coaching’ sessions and provides personal feedback on coaching skills. As part of the UKCC framework, the award is recognised throughout the UK.
​Volleyball UKCC Level 2 ​11,18 Jan
1,22 Feb 2014
​9am-5pm ​tbc ​£170 Funding is available through SVA scholarships ​This course continues the examination of the coaching process (how to coach) that was initiated in the level I course, and focuses on the content of developing the 6 v 6 game (what to coach).  It includes micro-coaching sessions, and key elements like the development of unit play and specialist positions.
​Volleyball Referees Course - Grade 3 or 4
​2-day course will be programmed on demand
​tbc ​£35 ​The grade 4 course caters for candidates with little or no knowledge or experience of officiating. The grade 3 course refines technique. Candidates are evaluated and assessed in real games situations.

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