Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

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Our work tackles some of Glasgow’s deepest problems whilst inspiring citizens and visitors to lead richer and more active lives. 

We cannot do this in isolation.  Support from companies is vital in helping us invest in innovative education and outreach programmes, enhance community and library programmes, maintain and expand our museums collections, invest in sports development and deliver world class events, festivals and exhibitions.

By partnering with Glasgow Life you can make a real difference in helping to make Glasgow a dynamic and vibrant place to live, visit, work and do business in.  

Find out more about how your support can help us here >> 

An association with Glasgow Life is also an effective way to achieve marketing, community investment, PR and employee stakeholder engagement objectives for your company. 

We have a number of ways in which your business can get involved; whether you are interested in the Arts, Music, Museums, Communities or Sports. Please contact the Corporate Partnerships team for more information or to discuss your individual requirements.

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