Kelvingrove West Court Now Open


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Kelvingrove West Court Now Open

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Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum reopened its doors 10 years ago and since reopening it has welcomed over 12.5 million visitors who come along to enjoy the wonders it has to show.  

The West Court of Kevingrove is the home of many of Kelvingrove's most loved objects.  This includes the Mark 21 Spitfire, built in 1944, which​ is suspended from the ceiling of the West Court.  This innovative display took five teams of experts to complete, now ten years later the Spitfire must be lowered for routine safety checks.  During this time the gallery space below will be closed off to the public, this has given Glasgow Museums the opportunity to redisplay the gallery space and tell some new stories.  

West Court Gallery - Now Open! 

 ​​​​​​​​​The West Court Gallery re-opened to the public on Saturday 2nd April 2016.  The gallery has been closed to the public since October 2015 to enable the iconic Spitfire to be lowered and safety checks to be carried out.  This created an opportunity for Glasgow Museums to redisplay the objects and to display geographic eco-zones across the world.  Six months on, the gallery has been redesigned with additional interpretation which will allow audiences to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of them.  


The new displays group animals, plants and some geological and world cultures objects from the same areas of the world in distinct eco-zones, and migratory species which live in multiple eco-zones.  They tell the story of life in the Serengeti, the diversity of the amazing animals of the Indo-Malay tropical forests and Antarctica, the coldest place on earth.

Sir Roger and Kelvin, the Asian elephants will return to the Life Gallery, which is one of the most popular areas for families and children in Kelvingrove.  They will be joined by a host of exciting new animals.  These include the smallest of the big cats, a leopard, donated to the city from Glasgow Zoo, and a wandering albatross!​ 


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