Fiji v Samoa


In yet another tight battle, the Pacific nations of Fiji and Samoa went head to head in a bid to end in ninth place and it was Fiji along with their cheerful choir of supporters who rejoiced after the final whistle.
They fought off the Samoans 52-48, in a game full of impressive moves and strong, accurate passing, but quick to put the result aside after the game, the friendly teams all hugged each other in fantastic spirit. 

"We're friends off court" said Analina Tone, captain of Samoa. "It's a great opportunity for people from different countries to form new friendships and new concoctions and it's probably a highlight of the competition apart from the actual games themselves."

Fiji lead at the first break, but only just. 

The springy jumps of GK Raijieli Daveua prevented high feeds to Samoa's shooter, whilst the Samoans kept zoning out passing options for Fiji in attack.

Samoa kept fighting and managed to eliminate a six goal Fjijian lead after half time. 

With eight minutes left on the clock, the score was level at 44 all, but Fiji found inner strength to pull away again, and immediately scored an important four goal run.
They ran out winners, but netball really was the winner here, with a fantastic game played in fantastic spirit.
Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball

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Samoan Captain Analina Tone

Fijian Captain Raijieli Daveua​

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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