Namibia v Scotland


Three goals were all that separated the 11th and 12th placed teams at the end of tonight's final game of play, Scotland narrowly missing out on the win, succumbing 48-51 to African new comers Namibia.

"They believed they had it in them" said Scotland's coach Mary Tough who pin-pointed the shooting as an under performing area. "There were some misses, and it was really unlike us as we had some great shooting averages earlier in the tournament." 

A highly motivated Namibian side won the first quarter and the coach was pleased with the way his team played.
"We had a few turnovers which we managed to keep and hold on." said Edward Pienaar.

Namibia played to their strengths and sent the ball high into their tall GS Jaumbuaije Zauana who plucked the balls out of the air and netted the goals without too much concern from Scotland's defence.
"I'm delighted" Namibia's coach Edward Pienaar was finally able to say. His side was aiming to stay out of 20th place, so had already achieved their first goal by progressing to 9th-12th category. "Finishing off at 11th is another great achievement."
However it was a hard fought match that kept the crowd guessing. With 1.47 minutes on the clock until the final whistle, Scotland turned over the ball and had the chance to close in but the Namibian's just held on.
"We really did fight until the end." said captain Lynsey Gallagher. "It's a performance we can be proud of."

Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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