Bermuda v Malta



Bermuda squeezed past Malta in undoubtedly the most thrilling match of the competition so far. 

40-38 was an apt final score, as the two sides played their hearts out for the duration of the game, and only in the final two minutes did Bermuda turn over the ball to secure a two point advantage. 

Bermuda won the first quarter but lagged in the second, letting Malta's positional changes disrupt them. 

"There was a lack of concentration by our team" said Coach Gina Benjamin. "The team made it very hard to get that 'w'." she went on to say.

The nailbitingh second half saw the lead swing multiple times, with turnover followed by turnover for several minutes.

Malta finish their group in fifth place, and will go into the 17th- 20th place round robin  group starting on Thursday.

Bermuda's GS Danielle Onyia had a good game, netting 35 from 40 attempts the side will take confidence from this going into the game against Northern Ireland next which if they win will see them finish third in the group.

Benjamin said that endurance was the key to the win in the end. "We kept running, we kept going, we kept fighting for the ball." 


Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball


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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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