Fiji v Israel


Fiji and Israel played to a lively crowd at the end of the day, with the Pacific Islanders bringing in the win, 82 goals to 20.

For the first time this competition, newcomers Israel went into double figures, and achieved their target of reaching the 20 goal mark.

A much improved performance, the Isreali's took on board all the advice from their debrief after the mighty 130 gaol loss to South Africa yesterday, to come back bouncing fresh and focused against Fiji.

Fiji Coach Unaisi Rokoura thought her team slightly under performed. "We let our guard down." she said. "We are focusing on now on 9th, and maintaining that, but we thank Israel for such a great game."

Israel's sibling partnership in the shooting circle worked well and the Komar sisters shot an average of 54% with the youngest, Chaya, netting 12 goals at 75%.

Israel's best performance so far, much to the adulation of their growing number of fans, ended with infectious joy and laughter as both teams danced on the court and sang together whist the crowd cheered.

Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball.
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Fiji Vice Captains - Adi Kulamailagi Tabete, and Unaisi Rauluni 

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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