Australia v New Zealand



New Zealand raised the World Youth Netball Championship trophy for 2013 by staging an immense display of attacking and defending prowess, beating defending champions  Australia 52 goals to 47. 


It was a sparkling grand final performance from both sides that had been anticipated all week, and the arena was buzzing from the start. 


Goal for goal action mixed with stunning interceptions from both sides spelled out the opening quarter, and the teams raced along at a speed of knots. 


Australia were three goals ahead before New Zealand's defenders went into overdrive, turning over ball after ball, so that the shooters could add seven crucially uninterrupted goals to their tally. The quarter belonged to the New Zealanders. 


They maintained their momentum, only to be challenged closely in the third quarter, when the ever resilient Australians threatened them to within two points. 


It was a feat of brilliance as the team in black continued to push to fortify their lead. Zoe Walker at GK, one of many stand out players, gave an impressive performance against Australia's 6 ft 5 tall Kristina Brice.


New Zealand stifled any notions of a comeback from the Australians in the final quarter, though there were still moment's of sheer athleticism and skill from the Aussies, and the pockets of Australian supporters in the crowd willed them on loudly.


The Australians were devastated. "It's been three years in the making" said captain Maddy Proud. "We've dreamt about it for so long."


"They gave everything they had and New Zealand were the better team on the day and I congratulate them for that."


An elated Kiwi coach Janine Southby said the players eased in to the game. "We did take a little bit to adjust at the start… but when we did it was fast and furious."


"They nailed it when they needed to." she said.


Captain Storm Purvis, despite not taking to the court tonight said she was speechless. "It's completely overwhelming, and I'm incredibly humbled by the crowd."


A gracious, professional and heart-warming speech at the medal ceremony from Purvis summed up the essence of the Championship. "To all our new friends on the other teams that we've made - your support tonight was incredible."


New Zealand return home with the trophy for the third time in history, after a memorable victory over their arch rivals.



ial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball​

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