Cayman Islands v Jamaica


The sun keeps shining for Jamaica as they achieve their third win in a row, defeating the Cayman Islands 98-2.

It was all systems go for Jamaica. From the first whistle they had total control over the game and were never once threatened by the Caymans. Good momentum through the court allowed them to build up their scoring tally and prevented the Cayman Islands from scoring a single goal in the second half. 

Yet Head Coach, Oberon Pitterson-Nattie, thinks they've still got a way to go if they want to seriously contend.

"We definitely need to improve on our defence. We know its not going to be easy but we're prepared to do the work to get the medal."

The Cayman Islands played one of their best games yet, but it wasn't enough to compete with the mighty Jamaicans. 

"It's a totally different league" said Head Coach Gillian Lee "But I was pleased with the girls that they went as hard as they possibly could." 

"Our next 2 games are really quite key for us.  We're trying to get some serious goals on the board for those ones and get a win."

Editorial courtesy Farah Hasan, Planet Netball

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