Israel v South Africa


South Africa steam rolled Israel 134 goals to 4, rewarding themselves with a buoyant goal average going into the latter stages of the group rounds. 

Israel's team spirit was again the highlight of the match as they kept positive and energised despite having an understrength side due to injury and soreness. 

South Africa were out to meet targets set by their coach and they blasted through the first quarter to score an amount of goals worthy of a full game; 37.

Defensively they prevented the Israeli's from scoring, so when the first goal for the girls in white and blue did arrive, in the second period, the arena spectators congratulated them loudly.

South Africa's height advantage played a large part in their success, their GK Kifiloe Tsotsetsi for example measuring 6 ft 4 to Israel's 5 ft 1 Chava Neeman at GS, giving Neeman a near impossible task of receiving high feeds.

Always keen to take lessons from each game, coach Dorette Badenhorst is hoping the players will correct a few things before the next big clash - Australia on Tuesday.

"We still need to work on our timing, good ball placement, and stronger passing. We also need our first shots to fall."

A strong win for South Africa but another wonderful experience for the spirited Israelis to take positives from.

Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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