Northern Ireland v New Zealand


In the final game of Day four, Northern Ireland lost heavily to New Zealand, receiving a 15-102 drubbing despite training earlier in the morning in preparation for the Kiwi style of play. 

"We worked on bringing the ball up the court and driving for two or three offers." said Coach Jacqueline Portis. 

The Kiwis raced out to a first quarter lead of 3-31, with sister of new Silver Fern call up Te Paea selby-Rickit netting 21 from 25.

Following a less than impressive performance yesterday against Malta, New Zealand were keen to prove they were better, and Assistant Coach Adrienne Morrin felt that on the whole they achieved it.

"There were patches where we weren't as consistent as we'd like to have been but it was certainly far better in that game than it has been in previous games."

Northern Ireland's players' natural build meant they struggled against an aerial style that the tall New Zealanders played, and Portis highlighted Northern Ireland's weaker fitness agility level showed in the game.

Young Olivia McDonald impressed however, and stood her ground against New Zealand's array of shooters, but the Northern Irish shooters will want to forget their performance, none of them netting even 50% of shots, with a team total of 43% overall.

Whilst the Irish were hoping desperately to achieve at least five goals per quarter, the New Zealand coaching outfit set their girls a different motivational target - the first half team against the second half team. 

"There were goal targets and also targets based around percentages" said Morrin. "It drove the performance really well and gave them all an objective to push towards."

New Zealand enjoy a rest day tomorrow whilst Northern Ireland face Trinidad, who will come up against the Kiwis the day after.

Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball

Listen to post-match interview:

New Zealand'syoungest player Malia Paseka 

The youngest player from Northern IrelandEmma Cartmill​

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