Australia v England


Australia took one step closer to successfully defending the gold following an emphatic win over England this evening 67 goals to 33 in the first of the semi finals.

Australia's coach Carol Byers didn't expect the scoreline to be that wide but felt the girls were challenged. 

"It was never really an easy tussle, we had to work really hard." she said.

Byers and her coaching team spent a lot of time watching tapes and developing a plan to combat England, and the homework certainly paid off "The girls did it beautifully." she said.

Australia were all over the English from the word go, with nine unanswered goals in the opening stanza, giving them an immediate upper hand.

The game showed a mediocre English outfit compared to last night's fighters who stood tall against South Africa despite sustaining several injuries.

"Our basics let us down. We obviously struggled with the size of their shooting attack, but we didn't really play to our best potential" coach Colette Thomson said.

Australia will take a day to recover whilst Byers picks her starting seven for the final.

"We've got 12 very strong players, so we'll be looking tonight to see who we'll be playing and then picking our players to match up accordingly." 

Eager for a podium position, England captain Natalie Haythornthwaite made absolutely clear her intentions. "I want that bronze medal and so do the rest of the girls."

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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