Fiji vs Namibia

Namibia went down to Fiji for a second time this tournament, with a similar margin to the first game, 67-49.

Coming off a great performance yesterday against Singapore, the Namibians should have been  fired up but the sheen was gone from their performance, and coach Edward Pienaar wasn't sure why.

"Its a roller coaster. One minute they are up, one minute they are down. Yesterday's game was quite aggressive and today the spark was just not there." he said.


Fiji had a great start reaching the first quarter break 21-13 and that was exactly their plan. "We wanted to have a strong start and we did that." said coach Unaisi Rokoura.

Namibia will go back to the drawing board and look at where it went wrong, despite drawing the third quarter 13 goals each. 

"We tried to minimise our mistakes." said captain Delila Keja, but she was eternally positive and in high praise of her teammates, saying it was a tough tough game. "I think with Fiji this time we did good."


Fiji will undergo a clean up training session tomorrow. "We need to step up tomorrow. The players know their responsibilities on the court." said coach Rokoura.


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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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