Wales v Trinidad and Tobago


It was a match that went right down to the wire as both teams fired out from the first whistle and never stopped, set on their chances for a 5th place position.

In an action packed game the crowd were kept on their toes as the lead exchanged back and forth between the two sides numerous times. Wales made it difficult for the Trinidadians on the centre pass but they had a secret weapon; 6 foot 2 athletic GS, Samantha Wallace. The high balls in were easily received by her long reach, leaving the Welsh defence hopeless against her. But Wales pressured the ball into the circle and got the vital turn overs required, allowing them to lead 18-15 at quarter time. 

Not everything was going so well on Welsh's attacking end. Feeds into the circle were going long and the shooting accuracy could have been better- only 77% compared to Trinidad & Tobago's  90%. But the mid court created the chances needed and Wales kept in there, trailing 29-31 at half time. 

With only four minutes of the game left the score was all level at 52 a piece. But this is where the Welsh really kicked in. With a seven goal run they raced ahead, and with their faithful crowd cheering them on they clinched a victory in the dying seconds of the game. 

But was that the game Wales expected?

"No, not that!" Exclaimed Welsh Coach Laura Williams,  "Not to be so close. It was a great game- we've made history tonight."

And they certainly have.  Wales are now guaranteed to beat their best ever 7th place performance, set back in Toronto from 1996. 

It was a proud day for Welsh netball, but Trinidad are still optimistic about their final game against Barbados according to captain Amanda Cameron.

"We're confident going into that game. We'll come out 7th I'm sure about that."

Editorial courtesy Farah Hasan, Planet Netball​

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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